RFP Management

Are you planning on making a major IT acquisition this year, engaging a services organization to to run a large project or looking for a Outsourcing Services Provider?  You will need to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Claymore Solutions Inc. uses a methodology for RFP writing and response evaluation that puts the business in the drivers seat.

We will work with you to form the RFP selection team, made up of the key stakeholders in the outcome;

  1. Business Users

  2. Management

  3. IT

Working with the team, the business requirements and success criteria will be defined.  The requirements are prioritized and the must have items identified. 

We will write the RFP and manage the issue and response process.  The team will be included in all decisions from vendor list and shortlisting to presentations and recommendations.

The final outcome is a recommendation to proceed outlining the selected vendor and why they were selected.

Contact us today to find out how a managed RFP process will help your business get the right product or service while saving you time and money.