People ask us what we mean by “Insourcing”.  Quite simply insourcing is just the opposite of “Outsourcing”.  Rather than buy services, the business requires, from a third party service provider you obtain the resources to provide the service internally. By this definition you are all insourcing today, the question then becomes what services are best to insource and what makes sense to outsource?  The answer is different for every company. 

We can show you how to use the same cost reduction techniques that Outsourcers use.  With a little help you can reduce your budget and provide the expected service to your business.

In an Insourcing engagement Claymore Solutions Inc. will;

  1. Develop your Services Catalog

  2. Help you understand your current cost structure

  3. Develop Operating Level Agreements (internal SLA's) for each service

  4. Assist you in implementing the same cost reduction mechanisms an Outsourcer uses

  5. Resource Optimization

  6. Process Adherence

  7. Leveraging of Assets

  8. Labour Arbitrage

  9. Transition the services back from a third party (if currently outsourced)

Contact us today to find out how Claymore Solutions Inc. can lead you through a successful insourcing transition.